_dream poems

by Zach Houson


Asleep, I was in dreaming. Dreams of nocturnal delight. I am walking down a corridor but there are no walls, just fluorescent bulbs on all sides, little glowing squiggles of gas illuminated with electricity and the occasional bouncing electron. I am listening to the sounds of politicians as they make their somewhat muffled decisions; muffled, because I am wearing earmuffs made of dollar bills.

A law is going to be passed soon, making it so that we can no longer buy incandescent bulbs, only compact fluorescents.

Politicians are muffling with our lives, our dream lives. They have infiltrated our dreams and passed laws in our sleep. Sleeping, we are always sleeping, and though all of us dream, some of us forget to remember our dreams when we wake up, whenever that is.

And 24 components that contain some toxic materials, and when you are done with your bulbs, or when they are done with you, what will you do? What will you do while you are asleep?

Soon there will be a law passed stating that you will only be able to dream if you own a compact fluorescent.


Will they go asleep? Do compact fluorescents dream? I don’t know anymore but it’s good that I’m dreaming right now, good that this will soon be over and we can all wake up. It’s good that this dream will end soon because only 3% of the public properly dispose of their compact fluorescents in their dreams, and maybe even less when they’re awake. But after all we won’t have a choice soon when there is a law passed making it so that we must dream about compact fluorescents all the time.

Speaking of compact fluorescents, did you know it’s illegal to throw a compact fluorescent away? The man at the light bulb store didn’t. Let’s be forgiving he was dreaming after all. It’s a good thing he didn’t know that there is no inherent value in recycling compact fluorescents, in fact it’s a very expensive and difficult process that’s only real goal is to contain the MERCURY. But I think he only forgot to remember that in his dream.

by David Bernstein




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